5 Oct
6 Oct
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"All Aboard" --- often heard in the village of Creemore as the conductor signalled the engineer to pull out of the station.

Creemore Festival of the Arts

  • October 5, 2019 | 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • October 6, 2019 | 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Creemore Festival of the Arts is presented by Purple Hills Arts & Heritage Society, in partnership with the Small Halls Festival. 

Creemore Station on the Green - Room 1

JJ Jasperson "Shifting Landscapes" - a visual artist/painter, JJ Jasperson considers the ongoing effects of climate change in an installation of super-sized prints and animation. We know climate change is real, we hear about it in the news, we know the science, but when we see a pretty farmer's field on a sunny day, it is easy to disavow. This visual cautionary tale sets out to remind us we are all witnesses to climate change as it impacts our physical landscape, our weather systems and our water; it also impacts our collective psych. 

Creemore Log Cabin - Inside

Deborah Farquharson & Jocelyn Hirtes "On the Curiousness of Fieldstone Pile" - mounds of fieldstone can be found in any farm field in Southern Ontario. Deborah Farquharson & Jocelyn Hirtes of Synchronized Smile invite you to come and ponder the nature of these mundane yet mysterious structures. Follow you curiousity and find us at the historic Log Cabin, where we promise you'll see these familiar landscape elements in new light. 

Creemore Log Cabin - Outside, behind the Cabin

Denis Bolohan creates Labyrinth N44 19'37" E-80 06' 19" - the title of the Creemore labyrinth is from the village's latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates. The design takes its inspiration from the surrounding topography - the Purple Hills and the Mad and Noisy Rivers. Walking the labyrinth suggests a journey through the surrounding topography to the village centre and out again. 

NEW! Artist Workshop on Saturday October 5 and Sunday October 6. Create your own work of art! Register online at www.phahs.ca 

Plus, over 30 more artists on location, including a special exhibit at the Dunedin Village Hall on Saturday & Sunday.