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The Duntroon Hall

The Duntroon Hall

9025 County Road 91, Duntroon, ON

Hauled overland by a flotilla of livestock trucks and hay wagons drawn by farm tractors, by community members of old Nottawasaga Township. 

They brought home the drill hall to be their “capital” building that would become the new centre for their municipal government and the community's main gathering place.  These volunteers and many more disassembled this former military drill hall in Base Borden, and then pieced it back together at the edge of Duntroon's historic 5-acre Islay Park.

Seven decades later, The Duntroon Hall's walls still reverberate with the great sounds of square dances, buck-and-does, weddings, family reunions, bowling parties, concerts, trivia nights, and the like.  In 2009, 500 people celebrated the 175th anniversary of the village and of Nottawasaga in a big party held at Islay Park and The Duntroon Hall.