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Creemore Station on the Green

Creemore Station on the Green

10 Caroline St E, Creemore, ON
Creemore Echo
(705) 466-9906

"All Aboard" --- often heard in the village of Creemore as the conductor signalled the engineer to pull out of the station. Although it was taken over by the CNR, the "Hog Special" ran from Beeton to Collingwood, taking passengers, students,and freight to stops along the way. But it was the huge numbers of hogs being shipped to the packing plant in Collingwood that gave the train its familiar name. The station burned down in 1955 and the last train went through the same year. The current building was erected in 2000 as a millennial project, a much needed, long dreamed for, cultural/ heritage centre. Today, you will hear "I'll meet you at the fountain", sculpted by Ralph Hicks, and depicting children dancing happily in the spray. Surrounded by gardens maintained by volunteers, it sits on the remaining railway lines as an open space in the centre of the village.