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Welcome to the Small Halls

Avening Community CentreAvening Community Centre


Location: 3401 County Rd 42, Avening, ON

Capacity: 200 Contact:  Clare Oster

Reservations/Info: (705) 466-2539


From the outside the Avening Community Centre is nothing to write home about. With its vinyl cladding and peeling paint it is easy to dismiss this rural gem but when you enter the front door you see how this hall, lovingly built and maintained by hardworking Aveningites, shines. Its gleaming maple floors have been polished by 6 decades of dancing shoes, its rustic pine ceiling resonates the perfect acoustics of past concerts and songs yet to be sung, the bowling alley makes the gutter seem like an OK place to be  and the folks at the hall welcome you as if you are one of their own.


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Brentwood Community CentreBrentwood Community Centre

Location:  9926 County Rd 10, Brentwood, ON

Capacity: 88  Contact: Kristin Vanderkruys

Reservations/Info: (705) 791-8380


In the small hamlet of Brentwood lies a building which encapsulates the proud history of a town and its people. The Brentwood Hall dates back to 1875, when it was the quaint two-room schoolhouse where local students learned the 3Rs.  As time marches on, the building took on new life when it was purchased by the township for a dollar and became the Brentwood Hall.


It is hard to find anyone in our community from 9 to 99 who hasn’t celebrated something at “the hall”, be it a shower for a new baby or young bride, the ringing in of a New Year with dancing and singing, the bragging rights earned by winning a hard fought euchre or horseshoe tournament, a community supper where the breaking of bread between community members becomes a communion of friends and neighbours, or a family reunion where far flung family members return to the welcoming place that always remembers them. The hall well represents the people who built it.  Their old fashioned willingness to work to make it a better place make its unvarnished charm much like the tin ceiling recently uncovered during renovations: proof that when regular people come together to work and live in community, amazing things will be discovered and restored.


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Creemore Station on the GreenCreemore Station On The Green

Location: 10 Caroline St E, Creemore, ON

Contact: Creemore Echo

Reservations/Info: (705) 466-9906



"All Aboard" --- often heard in the village of Creemore as the conductor signalled the engineer to pull out of the station. Although it was taken over by the CNR, the "Hog Special" ran from Beeton to Collingwood, taking passengers, students,and freight to stops along the way. But it was the huge numbers of hogs being shipped to the packing plant in Collingwood that gave the train its familiar name. The station burned down in 1955 and the last train went through the same year. The current building was erected in 2000 as a millennial project, a much needed, long dreamed for, cultural/ heritage centre. Today, you will hear "I'll meet you at the fountain", sculpted by Ralph Hicks, and depicting children dancing happily in the spray. Surrounded by gardens maintained by volunteers, it sits on the remaining railway lines as an open space in the centre of the village."

Singhampton Community CentreSinghampton Community Centre


Accessible and A/C

Location: 6 Milltown Rd Singhampton, ON

Capacity: 200



The Singhampton Community Centre is community owned and operated. The building was established as a Church. In the 1970s the church closed and sold to the trustees of the Singhampton Memorial Park The building is now part of the not-for-profit Singhampton Community Centre and Park Inc.

Starting as a spiritual centre, “the hall” has continued to be a hub for the Singhampton community. One of the most noted activities has been the annual Ramp Romp, held each spring since 1984 to celebrate wild leeks which appear as the snow disappears in the highland woods around Singhampton. The supper raised funds to establish the local volunteer fire department, which is now part of Clearview Fire Department. The supper also introduced the hall to the wider community around Singhampton. The supper now raises funds to support activities at the building and maintain the building. Over the years, the centre has seen many occasions with family reunions, wedding showers, anniversary parties, wakes and celebrations of life.

The hall has a spacious modern kitchen and many large pots and dishes. It is rented at a reasonable rate for private functions with a capacity of 121, comfortably seating 100. Besides improvements to the kitchen, the hall has refinished floors, “accessible” ramps and large washrooms.

The hall is available as a hub for the community’s public life. This includes public meetings and events like the annual Christmas craft sale. The trustees and the Board represent members of the Singhampton community and volunteer their time to support community. They welcome new members to continue to keep the Singhampton Community Centre active and inclusive.

Dunedin Community CentreDunedin Village Hall

Location: 8994 County Rd 9, Dunedin, ON

Capacity: 80

Contact: Claire de Reuter

Reservations/Info: (705) 466-6161

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This hall features a newly renovated kitchen with all your amenities. It has seating for moderate functions (up to 80 people) with tables and chairs. Push these aside and you have a beautiful hardwood floor for dances, fitness classes, or the like. Downstairs is a small room with washroom facilities ideal for meetings or workshops. Nestled next to the Noisy River and Dunedin Park, this hall provides a unique backdrop for your next function. No bar available.


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Nottawa Memorial Community Centre ImageNottawa Memorial

Community Centre


Location: 4129 County Rd 124, Nottawa, ON



The Nottawa Memorial Community Center, located in the heart of the village of Nottawa, has served as a gathering place for the community and surrounding residents for over 60 years. Vintage hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings and handmade wooden tables maintain the character of the community that built the hall. Host to concerts, fundraisers, meetings and more, the Nottawa hall continues to be a vibrant part of the place we call home.


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The Duntroon HallThe Duntroon Hall


9025 County Road 91, Duntroon, ON, L0M 1h0

Rental: or 705-445-7681



Hauled overland by a flotilla of livestock trucks and hay wagons drawn by farm tractors, community members of old Nottawasaga Township brought home to their “capital” the building that would become the new centre for their municipal government and the community's main gathering place.  These volunteers and many more disassembled this former military drill hall in Base Borden, and then pieced it back together at the edge of Duntroon's historic 5-acre Islay Park.


Six decades later, The Duntroon Hall's walls still reverberate with the great sounds of square dances, buck-and-does, weddings, family reunions, bowling parties, concerts, trivia nights, and the like.  In 2009, 500 people celebrated the 175th anniversary of the village and of Nottawasaga in a big party held at Islay Park and The Duntroon Hall.

Sunnidale Corners Community CentreSunnidale Corners

Community Centre


Location: 12391 County Rd 10, Clearview Corner of Hwy 26

Capacity: 165

Contact: Marianne Buie

Reservations/Info:  (705) 428-0223


Conveniently situated between Wasaga Beach, Stayner, New Lowell and Edenvale at crossroads Hwy 26 and County Road 10, Sunnidale Corners is a great location for all your small to medium size functions. It can accommodate up to 90 people upstairs where it has a bar, kitchenette, stage and hardwood floor. Downstairs there is a newly renovated kitchen and seating area which can accommodate an additional 75 people. Thanks to funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the hall has seen a complete retrofit along with the installation of air conditioning, making it an ideal venue all year round. Bar available with AGCO Special Occasion Permit.


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